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Fast! Neat! Clean! Quiet! Easy to Use! Affordable! Now available with NEW eye catching Decal...get you customers asking about disc repair by appealing to their curiosity.

Fully Automatic & microprocessor controlled... Place a disc on the spindle, close the door, and select therepair required. Door opens automatically when disc is fully restored to new condition.

Not just a buffer, but a full service machine... to both clean and repair your valuable discs! Fast - cleans in less than 1 minute... repairs most discs in 3 minutes or less. The liquid-cooled process safely removes even deep scratches without harming the disc. No heat!

Discs are perfectly restored, clean and dry right out of the machine. Save labor! Save time! Save money! No hand finishing or wiping discs required. Patented micro-abrasive pads provide the highest quality other process comes even close!

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Eco Super

Nothing in the Industry Comes Close to These Performance Parameters:

  • Performs 250 light, medium or deep disc repairs per hour
  • Holds 500 discs in both the input and output stations
  • Restores CDs, CD-ROMs, DVDs and Game Discs — any 5-inch disc
  • Wet process removes even deep scratches safely
  • Exclusive flat polishing technology means DVDs can be safely rejuvenated many times
  • Completely self-contained with internal water recycling systems
  • All discs come out of the machine dry and look and play like new
  • Clean, quiet and operator friendly with LCD touch -screen functions
  • Size: 47" H x 40" W x 32" D
  • Power Requirements: 208-220 VAC, 60 Hz, 30 Amps
  • Designed for large volume video rental groups, disc resellers, disc repair services
  • Improve disc quality. Increase profits.
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