Hire an EcoPro2

EcoPro disc repair machine


Casual Hire - short or long term

  • No service costs
  • No Minimum term (just one month’s notice)
  • An easy to achieve minimum buy quantity (minimum purchase of 1X 800 min pack every 2 months*)
  • Return it at any time
  • Cheap running costs
  • 100% tax deductible operating expense.

Our point of difference.

Your monthly Hire fee drop $10 less a month until you pay just $29 per month.

EcoPro2 DVD and Blu ray repair machineStart out at $149 plus GST which is great value but the longer you keep it the cheaper it gets.

That's right,  it gets cheaper and cheaper as you hire it...after 13 months your Hire fee hits a low $29 plus GST per month and stays there for as long as you want.

For example

  • Month one $149 plus GST*
  • Month two $139 plus GST*
  • 3rd month $129 plus GST* and so on >>>Month 9 just $69* per month >>>after just 13 months you pay $29 plus GST* per month AND still no servicing costs!

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Shipping- the shipping of the machine to you and back to us is not included in the rental.  For any replacement machine (serviced or broken) you pay for it to come to us and we will pay for it to go back to you.
* Minimum purchase quantity-  you must purchase one consumable pack every two months (the average store uses 1.5 packs per  month).
Billing- we hold your credit card and charge the rental on the 1st of the month (or as you require them). 
First Hire payment- you are charged 1 month in advance, one pack of supplies and $150 bond.  
You must give one month’s notice for cancellation of contract.
Subject to approval 
This offer is limited to a maximum roll out of just 5 Hire EcoPro’s per month so if you miss out his month you will go on the list for the next month’s quota.  Machines are shipped on a first in first serve basis.



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