How does it perform against the competition ?

Operational noise- it is quieter than the Venmill, Venmill Hybrid, Uno, Fixadisc, Disc-Go-Devil, and Dual disc machine.

After repair- the disc finish is cleaner than the Azuradisc Uno, Disc-Go-Devil and Dual Disc so you can genuinely place it back in the case straight from repair...a big time saver!

Cost per repair - it is cheaper to run than the Azuradisc UNO, Hybrid, and Dual Disc machines. A 30 sec cycle is less than 11cents on an ECO PRO compared to between 15-30 cents for the equivalent repair on competitors machines.

Cut rate - a 30 second cycle on an ECOPRO is equivalent to a 2 min cycle on a Disc-go-Devil, Uno and Dual Disc. Making it a faster cheaper repair

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