Disc Maintenance For Libraries

The EcoPro2 uses vastly different technology to previous disc repair machines and the difference is significant in terms of being suitable for a library environment.  It can repair all types of discs quickly, quietly and without fuss.  

EcoPro2Disc maintenance machines have traditionally been manufactured specifically for the video rental industry resulting in machines that were basic, noisy and somewhat messy.   Furthermore, they were better to be used throughout the day rather than the batch processing method used by many libraries.

The EcoPro2 has had a series of design improvements specific for libraries.  The polish compound hoses and polish pump have been upgraded so that if the machine should sit unused for long periods at a time they will not clog or dry out.  

Audio book collections and box sets are a nuisance for many libraries as the disc spin on the hard plastic disc holders causing rings that disrupt play.  In most cases these are easily dealt with in just 30 seconds.

Big and automated is not always required.

The EcoPro-2 can repair a disc in under a minute and it will open its lid when it is ready for another.  This unique set of features means you can effortlessly repair literally hundreds of discs per day should you need to...most do not need this but it is capable of it anyway.

In fact, many of our clients that own an automated machine have said the EcoPro2 has reduced the numbers repaired on their auto machines by up to 70% but that's not just because it is easy.  It is because automation has its own draw backs...the titles need to be sorted, cases placed a side and then repacked and that all takes time.  

On a quick single disc machine this is done in one go so it requires less preparation and/or organisation as well as less space.

National Library Service - Options

The EcoPro2 is a cost effective way of reducing disc media wastage and improve the quality of the experience for the thousands of people that use your library discs each month. 

The EcoPro2 can be outright purchased from us.  Please contact us for the discount code you can use to get up to 10% off our advertised price.  

You are also able to use a machine on a CASUAL HIRE OPTION.  This is a simple $99 hire option that you can run through as an operational budget should you have no allowance for any more equipment purchases.



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