EcoPRO vs Hybrid

The EcoPro2 is not only cheaper to purchase and operate but it is superior to the Hybrid in several ways.  
Repairing scratched DVD's and Disc's has been made simpler by technology. Selecting the best technology is not always easy for products like ours where it is so unique. Of course, each manufacturer backs themselves as the best and we are no different. We have put this section together to give you an insight into the differences between two similar machines available.



VMI Hybrid


First released into the market

Launched in August 2010 after significant testing

Launched in 2013

Number of units sold to date

Greater than 4500 globally

No data

Type of repair process

Polymer removal technology

Polymer removal technology

How long has the company used this type of repair process

Since 2002, over 11 years

estimated at around 2012

Interesting irony- VMI promoted that this process was actually harmful to the disc, then proceeded to say it was acceptable once they had their own machine.

Number of years in business

43 years , Est 1970

Since 2002

Maximum number of repairs per supply pack.

1600 repairs (using the 30 sec cycle and the 800 min supply pack)

1000 repairs (using the 30 sec cycle and the 500 min supply pack)

Pads per supply pack

2 sets of 2 washable pads

Set of 6 pads

Pads are thrown away after use.

We have proven that over the past 20 years to be the leader in Disc repair technology and innovation...beware of imitations.


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