After the repair the EcoPRO automatically lifts the lid and presents the disc ready to go back in the case.

The result is not just in saving time wiping the disc but it means that the next disc can be replaced and started within just a few seconds.

EcoPro2 showing polish and water bottle.

A small bottle of water and compound sit snuggly at the back of the machine.

The REUSABLE velcro backed pads are easy to install and replace.

The pads are then washed in water over and over until they reach the end of their useful life.

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Seriously good...

  • Desk top design
  • Discs are finished clean and dry
  • 100% Blu-ray compatible
  • Flat polishing technology
  • All types of repair: buffing to heavy
  • Very quiet. Clean and tidy
  • High quality manufacture
  • 12 month warranty
  • Made in Japan


The EcoPro2 uses a repair system that eliminates the need for recirculating messy white liquid used in other disc repair machines and libraries love it because it is so quiet...shhhh

Discs can now be checked in front of customers....

No matter how bad your libraries discs are in you can have the kudos of renting immaculate discs right from day one.


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