EcoPro2 Disc Repair Machine-Platinum Used



We have a select few ex-demo models in stock.  It's a great way to own the latest version and they still have the fill 12 month warranty.

The disc repair machine of choice for over 4500 stores and libraries all over the world.  

The whisper quiet operation and its ease of use means that any staff member can operate it and achieve excellent results time after time.

The precise Japanese engineering ensures you have a reliable product that can be used day in and day out without over heating.

This EcoPro has a dedicated Blu-ray mode and will repair all of the new generation console discs as well as all disc formats over the past 20 years.

  • Desk top design- compact with no plumbing needed it can sit right next to the cash register.
  • Discs are finished clean and dry (but blu-ray disc's will need a wipe)
  • 100% Blu-ray compatible
  • Flat polishing technology
  • All types of repair: buffing to heavy  (3 cycles: 30sec's, 1 min, 2 mins)
  • Very quiet.
  • Clean and tidy - generates dust that is contain within the machine, just gets wiped daily with a damp cloth)
  • High quality manufacture that's very easy to work on and super cheap to maintain.
  • FULL 12 month warranty
  • Made in Japan

This price does not include consumables.


All prices Exclude GST and Shipping and are in New Zealand dollars.  



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