Reduce Costs

The EcoPRO will reduce the cost of running the store.

  1. Less labour costs in repairing discs
  2. More of the staff can repair discs..even part timers
  3. Higher ratio of discsbeing able to be less wastage

Not all of the benefits are measurable

Our own customers tell us that having the ability to make an instant repair improves the moral of the staff.

Even the most battle hardened staff admit that the EcoPRO has improved their relationship with their customers.


Save on labour costs

Staff costs have been cut right back to the point where stopping to repair, clean and wipe a disc is time consuming for staff or as an owner.

We have some stores that saved the cost of 1/2 an employee a week simply by having a more efficient disc repair process.

Bring more discs back to life

Cost per disc

If you have a machine that needs a spray and wipe then add 30 cents to the cost of the consumables...this pushes the cost to upward of 50 cents!  

You may say well the staff are being paid anyway...sure they are but as they have about a million other things to do it is still a very real cost.

The true cost per disc on an EcoPRO is between 9.7 cents and 11.25 cents for a 30 sec repair, it opens the lid for you and there are no labor costs apart from the fraction of a second it takes to take it in and out of the machine. 

Repair ONLY the discs that are making you money

The machine is so quiet it can snuggle up next to the cash can check the discs as they go out and put the on the machine while you are processing the sale...great for the customer but even more so, you are repairing only the discs that are making you the money.


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