Service Exchange Offer


*****This offer is only available to approved NZ customers that have a working EcoPro*****

An annual service is important as it removes dust built up inside the machine over time as well as replacing key parts that will wear over time such as the platen shaft and pump O ring.

The annual service will vary from a basic service of $220 to about $360 if the platen and damper need replacing.  

Either way, for 12 months use in a machine that works every single day it is good value for money. 

However, as an existing customer over the last few years you have been selected to receive this special offer. 

Instead of spending around $300 plus GST for the annual service we will take back your machine and in return send you a brand new EcoPro2 machine for just $580 plus GST.

Here’s how it works.

  • Send us your machine but keep the power cord and water bottle.
  • You pay the shipping to us and back to you (as you would with a service anyway)
  • We send you a NEW EcoPro2 machine with all the latest upgrades for just $480 plus GST and shipping.
  • Your machine must be well packed and arrive in one piece
  • You will get your NEW replacement machine fast

This is only offered to existing EcoPro owners and all conditions must be met, not exchangeable for cash and offer is limited.


All prices Exclude GST and Shipping.



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